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How to wear belts by style

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Skinny belts

Skinny belts are super thin belts and they are all the rage! They add sophistication when worn over a day dress or work blouse – you can team them up with the eternal little black dress for a demure evening look. Like most belt styles you can wear them on the hips as well unless you have a very heavy frame where they look lost.

Skinny belts are particularly suited to be worn on the empire line if your top/dress has one i.e. just below the bust line. Skinnies also work well when worn as trouser belts even if the loops are bigger if the trousers already have a good fit and don’t need holding up. Well actually they are pretty brilliant with everything including over coats, jackets and cardigans.

Because of their daintiness, those who are normally less adventurous with wearing bold colours, metallics or chains can be braver and cut a dash when stepping out without the belt dominating the outfit.

Skinny belts are a key fashion trend. If skinny width is just too skinny for you try a trouser belt instead. You might also like to knot your skinny belt known here as the catwalk dangle - demonstrated beautifully on this blog page we found recently - don't throw out your narrow belts if you have lost weight or buy a belt 2" to 8" longer than what you need depending on how much dangling you'd like to do ;-).

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