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Find my belt size

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How to make sure you order the correct size belt for your current measurements

If you have any problems or concerns whether before or after purchase, we’re always here to help so please do not hesitate to contact us. Below is how we measure our belts followed by some salient advice to help you choose the right size.

How to measure a belt

To avoid size issues and save money spent posting back and forth:

  • Please forget what your dress size or for men trouser waist size is (also ignore what your naked vital statistics are)
  • Measure yourself with a tape measure over clothes at the level on your body where you will wear the belt. Our waist/hip size sometimes creeps up without us realising ;-). (If it is a hip belt that be worn in a V shape, then measure yourself by creating a V shape with the tape measure.)
  • Your measurement should fall between the first and last hole measurements we give for each belt, at least an inch/2.5cm away from either end to leave room for cake!

To be as accurate as possible, use an existing belt that fits perfectly as a guide – see advice below or detailed step-by-step guide at the end of this page. Even better put on the trousers/dress the belt is for and put a tape measure through the loops or at the height you wish to wear the belt.

Video guide: How to find your belt size / How we measure belts

Quick size explanation / how to measure a belt or more importantly, how we measure ours

  • If there is specific size information for a product it can be found in the size tab underneath the product image on the product page.
  • Our belt sizes are typically given as something like 87-102cm/35-40" where 87cm is the tightest fitting (measured to first of the holes from a cm below the tip of belt prong/pin where the belt hole sits when worn – see picture above) and 102cm is the loosest fitting (last of the holes).
  • On interchangeable belts our measure always includes a buckle.
  • If no range is given because there's not much difference when worn using other holes for instance, then we are giving you the central hole measurement.
  • Our measurements given are approximate within a couple of cm and relate to same measurement as where you will wear it.
How to measure a belt

Only one size or no size shown on the product page?

This means we have only the one size left available in this belt style and colour. If no size is shown it means the belt only comes in one size.

If we don’t have the belt you want in your size on our site

Please contact us and we will try to source it or something very similar.

Buying as a secret gift and can’t measure the person?

If possible, measure a belt they currently wear (checking that it is the same waist or hipster style as the one you wish to buy) – if it is obvious which hole they use through signs of wear – see advice at end of this page.

Size guide – need inch to cm conversion chart?

1 inch equals 2.54cm.

Waist (inches)

  24½ 25½ 27 28 30 32 34½ 37 38½ 43 45¾ 48¼

Waist (cm)

  62.5 65.5 68.5 71 76 81 87.5 94 98 109 116 123

Detailed advice: use an existing belt as a guide

IMPORTANT: Never just measure your naked waist or hips to choose a size. Belts can vary even when they’re supposed to be the same size – we aim for perfection so measure each belt including the width to ensure it will go through your belt loops. You'll get the most accurate measure with a belt you already own.

What you need

  1. A belt with buckle and hole fastening
  2. Tape measure

What you do

Step 1: Wear something of similar thickness to what you would wear with the new belt.

Step 2: Put on your existing belt in the same way as you would the new belt: eg around the waist or around the hips.

Step 3: Note the hole you are using on the belt.

Step 4: Lay the belt out flat. Measure, in centimeters, the distance from a cm below the tip of belt prong/pin to the hole you noted. This gives you your belt size. If the belt is curved follow the curve with your tape measure.

Never measure the entire length but to the hole you wear the belt on from the pomelo (sticky out bit on a push buckle) or a cm below the buckle prong on a normal belt buckle.

Forget dress or men's trouser size and grab a tape measure to be sure of the right fit.”