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Links to photo gallery and our YouTube video channel

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Our photo gallery at Flickr

Want to see all our photos in one place? (IMAGES WILL BE UPLOADED TO FLICKR SOON) Many of our images like those in 'the 10 belts to own' feature were created by model, blogger and fashion photographer, Constance Victoria.

Our video channel on YouTube

Here is a page listing all our videos. The videos help you understand how to wear belts.

Copyright matters - can I steal an image or use your text?

Note we own the copyright to all these images, videos and the text on our sites and you should not link to them to create content on another site, nor download, reuse or adapt them. Please contact us to seek permission if you want to use an image, text etc. We invest a lot of time, money and effort into our content whatever its form. We also monitor the web for infringement. If content is stolen or used wrongly we have and will file formal complaints which could see your website taken down or relegated by search engines – we will not necessarily send any warnings either. You know it is wrong. We don't see it as cheeky or just lazy. Please don't do it as it makes us all wrathy.

More visual inspiration - see why we love belts so much!”