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How to wear belts – organised by style

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Use belts to transform the look of your outfits... and you!

Have you noticed how the Trinnies and Gok Wans of the TV world use them all the time to make women look fabulous? They can flatter your body shape, transform outfits, add colour or texture, make an outfit look chic or even reassuringly expensive. Belts add fashion flair and personality – we're not just talking about the outfit!

Seriously exciting belt inspiration can be found at We love it.

Which way round to wear a belt? Not all belt manufacturers are in synch but generally for ladies the buckle comes round your left side to centre front.

Now check out our advice how to wear the various styles of belts, whether fashion belts or classics, what garments they look great with and how to get the most out of your wardrobe – use the menu on the right to choose your belt style and get ideas.