White patent leather belt strap 40m, curved cut

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The belt/strap size includes extra cms that assume a buckle is attached.

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Waist / trouser size is not the same as your belt size

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Product overview

A white jeans belt strap on patent leather.

Style information
  • This product is a belt strap without a buckle. This particular strap is curved so it fits your body (male or female) really well.
  • 40mm wide jeans belt strap for 4cm interchangeable buckles – we have a huge choice!
  • Simply undo poppers to add or change over buckle – it’s easy. You may want 2 colours or styles of buckle or one for day and one for going out. If you choose to buy a buckle to go with this belt strap we will attach the buckle for you but see also our info / video on how to change a belt buckle.
  • Available in suedes, leather and mock croc prints – see more jeans belt straps or ones sold as combination with buckle.
  • Made in Europe.
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