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The 9 belt styles to own & why invest in your belts

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It started with a belt

This is the motto of Once Upon a Belt since we experienced the awakening to just how wonderful ladies belts are. We’ve always appreciated good quality in a classic ladies leather belt but researching belts for Once Upon a belt we found ladies belts in exquisite leather in stunning designs that made us swoon, made us covet, made us want to find clothes that recreate the great belt looks inspired by what we saw in the fashion magazines and on the catwalks around the world.

Choose your outfit to match that fabulous leather belt – with belts this gorgeous they should be the start of deciding what to wear to look fab today.

With belts this gorgeous, they should be the start of deciding what to wear to look fabulous today.”

The 9 belt styles every woman should own – how to get a great wardrobe

Some of your belt collection may be patent finish too – not only does it match with patent details on clothing or other patent accessories (even if not in same colour) but high gloss jewellery etc. Again it adds subtle interest to an outfit e.g. a black patent belt on a little black dress. Natural clothing personalities will shy away from anything with a high sheen and for their interest factor choose a leather weave / woven belt / plaited belt instead.

Why buy a quality belt?

Buying a quality belt is like investing in good luggage – it will last longer and weather better, not needing several replacements which when added up you'd have been better off buying a good quality belt. There's an old Armenian saying that goes "There's nothing as cheap as the most expensive"! Plus it makes you feel and look good too – invest in a great belt and it will make the most inexpensive items look fabulous. Belts never go out of fashion.

Our belts are seriously good value

Most of our belts are UK or European made by skilled leather craftsmen using lovely hides. Good quality belts take time to make and finish. The workers are paid a fair wage and work in good conditions. Many are made for us by a UK factory so we don't have to factor in a middle man's wholesale price and can offer you excellent value. It's also important to us to see when we visit that the people making our belts our jolly – we put love into our collection and meeting our customers' needs so it's only right we have belts made with love too!

Belt love – it’s a wonderful thing

There’s always room in your wardrobe for another belt

Reasons to go shopping for ladies belts:

  1. Timeless investment – belts, whatever the style, don’t date with very few exceptions. If they are good quality leather belts you can wear them for decades which makes them a great wardrobe investment.
  2. Instant touch of class – adding the right women's belt propels you into the league of the best dressed. If you want to make a good impression, wear a good belt. A simple outfit bought in a cheap shop on the High Street can look a million dollars when teamed with the right good quality accessories.
  3. Joy to own – because it feels so good to own a belt that is beautifully made in a stunning design from quality materials. A pleasure to look at, feel and wear, plus you don’t need to take it to the dry cleaners.
  4. An injection of confidence – wearing a belt completes an outfit giving you that polished look and when you look great, you feel great and ooze confidence.
  5. Budget conscious magic – they have magical powers to transform a women's existing wardrobes and inspire new outfit combinations. You don’t have to buy new clothes – buy a new belt and get more from your closet!
  6. Dignity with panache – they stop your clothes from falling down as well as looking good.
  7. Fabulous gift – a belt makes a gorgeous gift for any woman, that is both functional and beautiful.