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How to wear belts by style

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Obi belts / sash belts / tie belts

Obi style comes from Japan where in their original guise these belts were traditionally worn with kimonos and fastened at the back giving a wide flat elegant frontage. Obi belts are long lengths, also known as sash belts or wide tie belts, available in various materials and colours that you tie around your waist. 3" wide ones can be tied low waist or on your hips. The 3" wide obi also suits every woman, especially the ones without supermodel torsos.

Ladies with short waists can use a tie belt instead and in 2012 we are expanding our range of these so that women of every height can feel the obi love. Tie belts are great to wear with coats and cardigans adding a luxurious touch to your outfit with this real leather beautifully handmade accessory.

When worn around the waist, wear it slightly higher than the waist. They work well in all the look ideas we have given you for wide waist belts. Obi belts cinch well too, drawing in the waist to create a gorgeous silhouette.

You can wear the obi tied at the front in the middle, at the front to the side or at the back. The choice is yours.

Teaming the obi with solid bold colours gives you a very contemporary look. Match the colour top/dress you are wearing and it lengthens you. Get in that wardrobe and dig out your tunics, unfitted shirts, longer-length dresses and long tops to try the obi out with.

Visit our special obi belt website to learn how to tie an obi belt plus much more.

obi belt tied high around waist super wide belt in soft leather tie belt ties around hips