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Skinny belt

Skinny belt

Skinny belts - aka thin belt or narrow waist belt

We love skinny belts! Add elegance and interest wearing over a dress or shirt for work or a LBD (little black dress) in the evening. Like most belt styles you can wear them just below the bust line, on the waist or below, or in belt loops on trousers / jeans / skirts (especially high waisted). Very on trend now, often worn with long tail in a knot or over coats.

Looking for a slightly wider width? If you want something wider look at our 1" belts

Skinny belt straps you choose the buckles for – mix 'n' match from day to night etc

Yes it's true. Now skinny belt lovers have even more choice from just one thin belt strap and skinny buckles chosen to go with it, easily swapped over with poppers.