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CARPINCHO belt with pattern and ivory stripe, FUEGO Argentinian polo belts



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A polo belt in carpincho printed tan suede with universal appeal to both women and men. The belt has a contrast stitched edge and a brass buckle. It has an Argentinian stitched pattern which repeats in golden honey brown and beige with an ivory stripe (not white stripe as shown on current picture). Our signature FUEGO polo belt feature of stitching on the belt loop – this one in beige.

Once Upon a Belt prides itself on being an ethical retailer so we do not use real capybara / carpincho because we do not use exotic leathers from animals killed principally for their hide. And there is no need to hurt a carpincho when you can have this beautiful suede imprinted with same texture. A genuine carpincho hide belt would cost vastly more.

FUEGO Argentinian belts brand

  • Beautiful stitching and high quality leather. Pure unbleached cotton gift bag included which tells the story of the Tierra Del Fuego inspiration for this exciting new brand. Designs inspired by the beautiful Southern Patagonian wilderness and traditional gaucho style.
  • A small but beautiful UK brand so if you like something more unique and not at every polo show/high street, this is your belt!
  • Handmade in Argentina, each belt takes several hours by skilled staff to stitch.
  • 37mm or 1 1/2 inches wide. Designed by expert beltologists, unlike most polo belts these have 7 holes so are more forgiving should you lose or gain weight.
  • Premium polo belts with elegant gaucho styling and the full patterned (pattern all the way around - not part pattern) 37mm belts have FUEGO's trademark stitching on the keeper so you can get a dashing flash of colour even when worn with a jacket.
  • More styles including faja pampa belts, one inch polo belts for children or riders who need a narrower belt, and also dog collars are on the way in equally alluring patterns.
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How to wear polo belts

This patterned style of belt is a polo belt and polo belts are very fashionable to wear as a jeans belt or with chinos. Formal or casual, polo belts for men are also suitable for women - in fact they might get stolen from your wardrobe by both sexes. Go to our page for Argentinian belts including polo belts to see some pictures of them being worn and to see more polo belt styles. They really look good on. Ladies can also wear them over casual day dresses and longer tops as a hip belt or waist belt - or why not wear one over a chunky longer cardigan. We offer the best choice of Argentinian polo belts from various brands, all genuine and handmade in Argentina unlike some imposters of inferior quality that have been made in the far East, so you can choose the colours that are most you.