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How to wear belts by style

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Elasticated cinch belts

The elasticated belts used to be strictly for the waist – however a lot of belt wearers love how comfortable it is wearing elastic at the back instead of hard leather that might dig in so a new style of belt is emerging where you can wear it lower down too – our own brand elastic cinch belt with interchangeable buckle possibilities is one you can wear on the waist or asymmetrically over your tummy.

If you have a large bust wearing the belt lower will stop your breasts bursting over the top of the belt looking too big. Larger ladies benefit from belts like this that create a V shape and then layer over with a long cardigan, jersey wrap or jacket. Perfecto! Yes you can wear belts and they'll give your outfits a lift.

Back to the standard elastic belt worn on the waist under the bust – if you have curves they’ll be kept under control beautifully and accentuated. If you need curves they’ll give shape to an outfit. If you are doing burlesque they are an essential part of the look.

In 2012 we started selling narrow elastic belts because we noted there was a gap in the market for the cinched effect for those who are short waisted and can't take a wide belt style. Every girl’s wardrobe should include an elasticated cinch belt. Similar effects, but without the help of elastic, can be achieved with wide waist and obi belts.

super wide patent elasticated belt with two buckles elasticated cinch belt on short dress patent elasticated belt cinching waist